Laura Guerrero

+ - About me

Cadiz, 1965.

I come from the world of antiques, with an extensive career in the art and antiques market. I am a specialist in Decorative Arts and an Interior Designer graduate of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

I founded my interior design studio in 2012.

+ - Filosophy

An interior designers purpose is to create an atmosphere that reflects illusion, personality and the aesthetic qualities of the people who are going to enjoy it.

Perception, sensitivity and experience are my guides for transmitting interiors into the essence of those who inhabit them, developing in this way a personalized project for every customer.

My works reflect a choice selection in the search for exquisite beauty and simplicity, represented in a natural and personal way. The achievement of unique and personal settings, through an eclectic but coherent mix of luxurious materials, textures, colours and choice artefacts chosen with thoroughness from the heart is a must. Architecture and decoration are combined to create living spaces in which light space and colour embrace us.

My experience in the antiquities market, participation in Art Auctions combined with extensive expertise in Decorative and Contemporary Arts allows me easy access to unique and interesting artefacts that give that finishing touch to all my projects.

+ - my team

The projects are executed with the utmost rigour by my team of professional experts in the different disciplines. Each project is managed in house, with care, on time delivery and attention to detail.

Our industrial professionals provide a technical perspective to bring any vision to life and are accustomed to applying the latest trends in their field.

We want this process to be full of excitement and we want you to leave everything in our hands with a deep sense of peace of mind and enjoy the evolution of your space together.

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“Home, that wrapper of life“- Doris Lessing