“A beautiful home is therapy for life. When you arrive home after a long day and open the door, your home should make you happy”

– Jonhatan Adler

interior design and decoration

My interior design projects up until now have mainly focused on homes and retail premises. Doing most of my work as an interior designer and decorator in Barcelona and Tarragona.

In the work carried out by my studio, founded in 2013, elegance, modernity, creativity and practicality merge in order to create visual experiences and extraordinary corners.

We invite you to discover a world where each space tells a story of style and originality. Start enjoying the comfort, harmony and visual pleasure in the spaces you use every day.


The versatility of my interior designs ranges from classic to contemporary, creating environments that transcend ephemeral trends. I invite you to visit my "interiors" section where you can see the result of my latest work and the ability to consider different styles and visions.
I will decorate your space with elegance and functionality, creating a lasting visual experience and bearing in mind the most important thing: feel it yours.

+ - Restyling & remodelling

Restyling. Transformation in the design and decoration of interiors without the need for building work.

Integral or partial remodelling. These will optimise the space, thus making the best of your home through expert redistributions. Your needs or your hobbies change, your family evolves, you sometimes telework, etc. The aim is not only to renovate spaces bu t also to arouse emotions. Each change is imbued with study and rigour, improving not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality and essence of your home.

C/ Salvador Dalí n. 14
43.840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain
(+34) 617 312 558